Wk 3-Artist Conversation-Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information
Exhibition: SCRY BABY   
Media: Painting, Drawing,  Mixed-Media
Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: Facebook.com/klart760
Instagram: @klart760

The artist I interviewed was Kelvin Lopez. Kelvin is an undergraduate student in the printmaking BFA department. He’s from Oceanside, California and this marks his second year at CSULB. He has an associate’s degree in studio art from Mira Costa Community College. He likes listening to music and going to concerts, shows, and festivals like Coachella and lightening in a bottle. Currently, Kelvin is working towards identity and who he identifies as and how. This is what lead to the inspiration of his show. He became more spiritually conscious since he met his ex girlfriend at a music festival that resulted in his current hobby of collecting crystals and stones. Lately, he has been captivated by the forms and structures of crystals. Recently he was given a green onyx stone from Argentina as a gift and did research on it, but did not find as much information on the green onyx than he found for the black onyx. The black onyx is the number one protective stone against dark energy. When he was looking for information on the black onyx he found that it was a mystic’s favorite stone to use for scrying. Not knowing what scrying meant, this lead to further seeking of knowledge which he took and turned into his own interpretation of scrying via printmaking and art. 

The pieces that Kelvin makes are works of art. He incorporates his passion of collecting crystals into every single piece he makes. The piece I am writing about today is called “New Places, New Energy.” The piece depicts three hands, each holding a crystal. From careful examination, one can infer that all three hands are actually the same hand and each crystal is actually the same crystal, but simply different angles of the hand holding the same crystal. Inside of the first crystal you can’t see much. However, in the second crystal, as the hand turns, you can see a wolf. In the next crystal you can no longer see the wolf as the hand turns. The way this pieces is printed, it reminds me of one of those blacked out papers where you have to scrape away the blacked out top layer to reveal the white paper underneath it. In the background you can see an array of line art forming what looks like a sun shooting its beams of light through the crystals. However, after looking at this piece even further, you can interpret the background “sun” as the crystals radiating energy. 

Through my interview with Kelvin, I can conclude that he truly has a passion for crystals as shown in his art. In his art you can see his passion for crystals and his beliefs in their healing abilities. The crystals in his art radiate with colors and instead of feeling their healing abilities, you can visually see their power in his pieces. To scry means to foretell the future using a crystal. In “New Places, New Energy” you can see the crystals’ healing energy radiating off of them in the background. This piece represents Kelvin’s beliefs in crystals power.

This exhibition was very soothing to be in. The environment the art set was very relaxing. Also inside the exhibition in the middle of the room was Kelvin’s personal collection of crystals. They sat in the middle of the room shining from the sun light. I can resonate with Kelvin’s passion in crystals because I too have a passion for crystals. I have a small collection of my own back home in San Jose, CA. At the moment I am disabled with a sprained ankle. I could really benefit from crystals healing powers. 



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