Wk 5-Artist Conversation-Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Illustration, Kinetic Sculpture, Electricity, plastic, glass, wood.
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Yeri is a kind hearted student finishing her last year here at CSULB. She is in the School of Arts Studio Department here at Long Beach State. Her exhibition, “Within Us” primarily focuses on interactive art. She believes that by including the interactive portion into her art, this is what makes her art unique. She believes that interactive art resonates with everyone and anyone who is able to interact. She believes that by making her art interactive, you don’t need an arsenal of art understanding to appreciate what she makes. Most of Yeri’s art comes from her past experiences.

“Within Us” is an art exhibition like no other i’ve seen at CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery. The exhibition reminds me of the museums I used to go to as a kid back home. If you are familiar with the museums in the Bay Area, this exhibition reminded me a lot of the Tech Museum. Many things inside the Tech Museum are interactive and interesting just like Yeri’s exhibit. Her art is interactive in the way that guests have to press buttons, move gears, or set off sensors to fully experience her creations. In this aspect, Yeri’s exhibition is truly unique.

“Within Us,” as stated by Yeri, is an exhibition about Yeri’s past. The exhibit can also be interpreted as Yeri’s life story or narrative. As you walk through the exhibit, you come across intricate pieces, each telling a story about Yeri. She brings through her past with her as the main character. Connecting each piece to Yeri, the exhibit tells a story of Yeri’s life and her struggles, hardships, and milestones. The way I interpreted the exhibit is that the exhibit is not only interactive to be unique, but to convey a message. The message is this, we like to believe that we control our lives through the decisions we make, but that isn’t the case. Our lives are 100% out of our control and often spiral out of our control. No one is ever always in control of their life.

Yeri’s exhibition is both unique and compelling through her interactive art and the message it conveys. I personally had a lot of fun exploring this exhibit. Even thought he exhibit was about Yeri’s past, I remembered my own past while walking through this gallery. The exhibit itself seemed to not be rushed at all. A lot of hard work  was put into her art and I would like to applaud Yeri for such an excellent exhibition.



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