Wk 6-Artist Conversation-Fictional Story

Name: N/A
Artist: Claire Samani
Media: Clay, Astroturf, wood
Size: 2ft x 2ft x 12ft
Gallery: Gatov-West
Exhibition: Zine Group Exhibition: Zine Fest

This blue house is the house of the Smith’s. The Smith’s are a quiet, atomic family. The man of the house, Jared, father of two and husband, works as a gold miner here in the town of San Tyrone. He works from dawn till dusk in the mines near town. He is the blast expert on sight. However he is never in any immediate danger because he isn’t the one setting off any of the blasts. He is the sole money maker for his family of four. His wife, Karen, is a stay at home mother who takes care of the house and keeps the children in check. Karen and Jared met on the road while both were migrating west for a better life. Jared had come across Karen while on his journey west, married, and had two kids along the way. The boy, Abraham, is a healthy baby weighing in at about 13lbs at birth. He never stops eating and always cries because he is always hunger. The daughter, Stevie, is also a healthy baby, but not as big as Abraham. At home, Karen slaves away in the house making sure everything is clean and tidy for when Jared returns home from work. One day at work, Jared comes across a gold nugget the size of his head. He hides the nugget away in his pants in fear of someone jumping him for it before he returns to town. On his way home Jared cashes in the nugget for money. Jared and Karen strike it rich and Never have to work another day of their lives.


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