Wk 7-Classmate Conversation-Yesenia Rios

Yesenia and I met last Wednesday at the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery. We met through a mutual friend and classmate, Khanh. Yesenia is finishing out her third year here at CSULB and plans on graduating next year with a degree in child development. Yesenia loves to stay active and fit. Her favorite sport is soccer. Unlike me, Yesenia was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. When I told her I was from the Bay Area, we talked about it for a while. How she wanted to visit and that the Bay Area seems cool and fun. I told her about the types of things you can do there and how she should definitely visit in the future. I also share an interest in staying fit with Yesenia. I am currently coming off of an ankle injury and just started going back to the gym. I am training for a very long obstacle course called Tough Mudder. It is a 13 mile long hike with various types of obstacles to pass as you run. I have until June 10th to prepare for this endeavor so in the mean time, I will be trying my best to get back into shape. IMG_5447.JPG.jpeg


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