Wk 10-Art Experience-Architecture: The Wedge

The Wedge. I’m not talking about the famous surf spot in Newport Beach, I mean the infamous wedge right here at CSULB. Everyday I walk to upper campus through the wedge and everyday I wait 10 or so seconds for a crowd of people to walk thru until I can finally pass. The question still stands however, why the hell don’t people walk around? The intended walkway is plenty wide enough to accommodate for the massive amount of students who take this path everyday. However, we are college students. Walking around a big pillar exerts far too much of my energy and time; i have more important things to do such as studying and making it to class on time to go around a pillar. In fact, I refuse to walk around the wedge so much that I have stood there waiting for a crowd of visitors to walk thru for 20 seconds one time. Being that it is virtually impossible to stop students from walking thru the one person wide sized gap, I have come to the conclusion that it is simply the architects mistake. Although this design flaw is notorious here at CSULB, It would be much more efficient to simply redesign the wedge itself. After watching student after student walk through this narrow space, I propose that we open up the wedge. My design is simple, simply move the marble wall and concrete benches closer to the street, and extend the ceiling out to the street so that people sitting and waiting for the bus to come have shade. This will not only open up the wedge for more than one person walking through at a time, it will also provide shade and a place to sit for students waiting for the next bus. Although a design flaw, i’d like to thank the architect who designed the wedge because of its notoriety here at CSULB.


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