Wk 13-Artist Conversation-Laura Lopez

Artist: Laura Lopez
Exhibition: Selvatica
Media: Drawing and painting
Gallery: Werby Gallery
Instagram: @artelauralopez

About the Artist

Laura has always had a passion for art. She grew up painting and drawing as a little kid. She is also very interested in dance and music. However, dance and music have not  influenced her as much as the visual arts. Laura was born in Columbia and CSULB happens to be her first American school! She is pursuing her MFA in in Painting and is graduating from CSULB at the end of this semester.

Formal Analysis

Laura’s exhibition “Selvatica” is her own vibrant and colorful interpretation of the jungle. Her colors are bright and loud in her paintings and her images are abstract because she makes pictures of various different animals and plants with different shapes. These images give off such strong energy because of their vivid colors and shapes. The pictures Laura paints are based off of the jungles of South America, where Laura is from. Although random, Laura’s paintings have various lines and shapes that sort of direct the viewer’s eye towards a specific part of the painting.

Content Analysis

Laura tries to paint a picture of her homeland in her art. She uses vibrant colors to give off energy and vibes rather than painting for visual effects. However, what she depicts is still visually appealing. Her homeland is vast and large with many different types of animals, some vicious. However, there seems to be peace in it all. The tigers depicted aren’t covered in blood from preying, they seem at peace and calm. One would have to travel to Columbia to truly feel the jungle’s presence.

My Experience

I enjoyed this exhibition a lot because of the energy the room gave off. The exhibition itself was full of color and I felt happy while I was in there. The art was spectacular and very different from other painting styles. I love the pieces because they tell a story and Laura shares her own personal experiences in her paintings. The word “Selvatica” actually means wild in Italian. Laura’s exhibition was nothing but wild to say the least. It was a pleasure to get to talk to Laura and I hope her the best of luck with her painting career.


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